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Poster design contest

"Imagine living in a world where we can all be who we are, a world of peace and possibility. Feminist revolution alone will not create such a world; we need to end racism, class elitism, imperialism. But it will make it possible for us to be fully self-actualized females and males able to create beloved community, to live together, realizing our dreams of freedom and justice [...]"

– bell hooks


An open call aimed at creating debate and discussion on the topic of feminism via the medium of the graphic poster. Depict your experience of liberation from sexist culture, what is your path to "To be what you want to be" and not what's imposed to you. Which are your small and big daily actions that make you feel feminist.

Remember, you don't need a pussy to be a feminist: we believe it affects everyone! So come on, every point of view is important to enhance each other. <3

Mind you, you are a feminist when you take to the streets to demonstrate as well as when you replie to your uncle casual sexist comment at dinner. Everyone has their own feminist path, we just start from different stories.


September 15, 2022


Click on “Submit your poster” and fill out the form as instructed.
The deadline to send your application is within hours 23:59 on September 15, 2022.
Yes, provided it meets the regulation and you hold the Copyright.
The poster should be 50x70cm. To submit your poster you may adapt it to the correct size.
It is possible to participate in a group as long as each component is under the age of 36. Those who participate in a group will have to fill in equally a single form, by electing a representative and listing the names of others components of the “Description of the poster”.
Yes, you can submit as may posters as you like, provided you respect the regulation. You need to fill one form for each poster.
No problem on our account! We advise you to check the regulations of the other contest beforehand.
Candidate projects will be evaluated and selected by an internal jury, made up of the members of Calimaia Collettivo and Fiesolana 2b according to the following selection criteria: consistency with theme, quality and graphic originality, visual translation of the concept and communicative effectiveness.
We are going to print a selection of the submitted posters at our expenses with the aim to set up an exhibition at La Biblioteca Femminista in Via Fiesolana 2b in Florence.

For any other inquires contact us at this address: